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    NEWS HEADLINES OF THE DAY – 10 November 2017– FRIDAY

    India to see 10%salary hike in 2018 highest in Asia Pacific, best in energy, FMCG/retail sectors

    Air pollution: Delhi to implement odd-even scheme, NHRC notice to Centre, Delhi, Punjab, Haryana

    Post DeMo, ED probing 3700case of money laundering, forex violation illegal assets worth 9900Cr

    Following DGCA guidelines, Jaipur-Delhi flight pilot refuses to fly beyond duty hours, passengers by road

    Runaway train: Chennai-Mumbai train’s Engine cruise 13km minus pilot, staffer chases it down on bike

    Find: Drs in India see patient for just 2Mins, US-20Mins & UK-10Mins, in 15 countries average 5Mins

    Experimental food: ‘Golden’ potato shall boost Vit A & E prevent disease people in developing countries

    Parents take note: Dental care help curb obesity in children, poor dental health leading to rise in BMI

    Hong Kong scientists create tomatoes with anti-ageing antioxidant–Vit E, Provit A Lycopene, Squalene

    Against the clock: Cuts/burns sustained at night take 60%longer to heal, 95%healed after Avg 28days

    Overhaul: Plastic items, furniture to get cheaper, Govt plan to cut GST rates on daily use item in 28% slab

    NTPC drops acquisition plans - intends to assist banks complete project &achieve commercial operations

    EPFO may cut interest rate to 8.5% for FY18 but equity play may boost returns, last year paid 8.65%

    Abortion at steep price in India – strict law on drugs, social stigma left women vulnerable to exploitation

    Electronics cos concern over proposed e-waste rules (taking back products), high costs in implementing

    AAI: Raipur, Patna, Ranchi airports to operate 24hr basis from 2018, as on date out of 125, 30 work 24/7

    RBI: Banks to provide doorstep service to senior citizens above 70yrs/differently abled by Dec-end

    Facebook roll out Disaster Maps in India to help save lives in crisis, speed up response/rehabilitation

    Coding error in 685apps has put 180MN smartphone owner’s risk –message/calls intercepted by hackers

    PwC: Speed of integration & effective change Mgmt key factor in making M&A merger successful

    Britain, wooing Saudi Aramco IPO offers $2BN loan guarantee, London & NYSE competing for largest IPO

    India plans 20GW solar tender, eyes domestic manufacturing increase - further lower solar power tariffs

    EESL firm up £100MN investment plan to power its electric vehicle push–buying heat/power utility in UK

    (IT)/ITeS sector saw private equity (PE) investments of $2.7BN across 78 deals

    NPS, Atal Pension Yojana subscriber base cross 18MN & total assets on Oct 31 2.1TN from 1.7TN 21% Up

    World Gold Council: India drags down global gold demand to 8yr low, slipped 9% to 915 ton in 3rd Qrtr

    Sunshine Lagoon Tank: 100s of fish die at Tokyo aquarium over lack of oxygen, only 73 fish survived

    NASA contracts Uber to build flying taxi air control software for Flying Taxi on line of ride-hailing services

    NASA: Geothermal heat source - mantle plume under Antarctica Marie Byrd land melting ice sheets

    Saudi Arabia detain 201 people in $100BN corruption probe, King Salman relinquish Throne to Son soon

    Britain could still change its mind on Brexit, PM should stop misleading voters, unilaterally scrap exit talk

    US Poll: Trump will get crushed by any Democrat in 2020 Election, 36%shall vote to give him 2nd term

    Today’s Word – *Absquatulate* -to decamp; to flee

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