Headlines July 02 2017

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    GST 1st Day: Witnessed inevitable blackout in sales of manufactured items/retailers moderate discounts

    Traders, restaurants 3 weeks to opt for concessional GST scheme, rate 0.5%-2.5%, Less than 75Lac

    GSTN to handle 320 Cr transactions/month, 80Lacs businesses will upload detail, 60K trans/Sec

    Link Aadhaar in Pan manually, can link Aadhaar with PAN from available online/SMS (567678) facilities

    Major Cancer Causes: Sitting all day in Office - become Sedentary, New Type of Rice & Heavy drink

    Study: How you view exercise as activity determines whether you skipping working out or not

    Banks or India Inc: Who will come back from brink first – 1st Demonetisation, Now GST 8-9% tax impact

    Prez raises issue of lynchings in name of vigilantism, urge intellectual class to rise, be vigilant

    Indian Medical Association: Majority Indian doctors fear violence, stressed, 82% Drs fear violence

    India attend SCO meeting in China amid Sikkim standoff after Indian Army block China road construction

    €2.4BN Record fine against Google for abusing its market dominance to benefit EU citizens

    Outgoing CEC Nasim Zaidi: Political funding should be more transparent, Gujarat Cadre AK Jyoti new CEC

    Including fish in diet cuts colorectal cancer (linked to low-fibre diet, alcohol high calorie) risk by 86%

    Volkswagen recalls 385K cars in Germany for brake system update, VW Audi & Skoda brands affected

    US renews pressure on China with an eye on North Korea threat, $1.4BN arms sales to Taiwan

    Samsung to built world biggest OLED plant $1.75BN construction $14BN equipment for OLED fabrication

    PM want 4 Indian accounting firms to be counted in world's Big-8, but cautions CA to misuse their power

    Maruti, Toyota, JLR, BMW cut car prices in range of 2.3K to 2 Lacs across model, pass on GST benefit

    NPPA fix ceiling prices of 814 scheduled formulation of cancer/HIV/Diabetes in sync with the new GST

    China's CNTC ink largest realty development $300MN JV with Golden Gate, launch $BN project in 2yrs

    Registration of 1 lakh cos cancelled, 37K shell cos identified, 3Lac cos involved in suspected dealings

    Indian boy Arnav Sharma (11), has higher IQ score than Einstein, Stephen Hawking got 162 in Mensa

    India contributes $5 Lacs to UN Peacebuilding Fund - boost efforts by world body to build, sustain peace

    UK: 1000s in London protest against austerity, PM – demand end to belt-tightening on public spends

    20 yrs Chinese rule: Xi warns Hong Kong to toe line, swears in new leader – Carrie Lam, protest expected

    UN: Nearly halfmillion war displaced Syrian return home, notable trend of spontaneous returns this year

    220Mtr tanker with 38K Tonnes of petrol products/cargo ship collide in waters between France, UK

    US to honour Indian-Americans Shantanu, Vivek Murthy as ‘Great Immigrants’ for helping US

    Repeal now, replace later: Trump tweets with barge as Republicans negotiate health care bill to pass it

    650 Human Skull tower in Mexico cast New Light on Aztecs, question culture of Sacrifice in Aztec Empire

    China to launch Powerful Rocket - Long March-5 Y2 able to carry up to 25 tones, Launch from Wenchang

    International Monetary Fund to Participate For Last Time in Greek Bailout, 18 Euro partners not pushing

    UAE: Robocars With Facial Recognition Tech/companion drones are new Police recruits to clamp crime

    Today’s Word - Abomasum - ruminant's 4th stomach

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