How to Apply in Manidhaneyam Free Coaching for TNPSC Group 2a

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    Manidhaneyam Free Coaching Centre has started to give free coaching class for TNPSC Group 2a. Manidhaneyam has said that it would upload study materials, videos, discussions for the test but yet they were not available. The only thing available in their website is test questions. You can practice for practice questions after reading each book. The syllabus for each practice test is available(Click here to download Syllabus). After writing all practice tests there will also be mock tests. Test Timetable is available with the syllabus pdf. Please go through it.
    Since Manidhaneyam is giving online test series It may not give offline coaching for TNPSC Group 2a. So there won't be a classroom coaching for TNPSC Group 2a.
    Here I have explained how to apply for Manidhaneyam free online coaching class.

    Step 1: Go to

    Register in Manidhaneyam TNPSC Group 2a .jpg

    Step 2: You will get this form to fill. Just fill this simple form and Click Register.
    Register in Manidhaneyam TNPSC Group 2a fill form.jpg
    Step 3: You will get a success message. Click on Login Button so that you can log in to write test.

    Register in Manidhaneyam TNPSC Group 2a successful.jpg

    Step 4: Enter our Email Id and Mobile number. ou don't need a password to log in. Just a simple method to log in right? But an insecure method too.

    Login Manidhaneyam TNPSC Group 2a .jpg

    Step 5: There will be the list of available Tests. Remeber ou can write a test only for 3 times. More test will be available according to the test schedule.

    Manidhaneyam TNPSC Group 2a Online test .jpg

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