Previous Year TNPSC Group 1 Questions 2017 Set 7

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    61. Match List I with List II and select the correct answer using the code given below the lists:
    List I List II
    a. Kalibangan 1. Gulf of Cambay
    b. Surkotada 2. Madurai
    c. Lothal 3.Rajasthan
    d.Khizhadi 4. Gujarat
    62. "India Home Rule Society" was set up by
    A. Hardayal
    B. Shyamji Krishnavarma
    C. Madan Lai Dhingra
    D. V.D. Savarkar​

    63. Who was the Chair Person in the All India Socialist Conference held at Patna, 1934?
    A. M.N.Roy Acharya
    B. Narendra Dev
    C. Sampurnanand
    D. Sri Prakasa​

    64. In which year the widow remarriage was legally permitted?
    A. 1855
    B. 1856
    C. 1857
    D. 1858​

    65. Setting up of Village Panchayats is associated with which part of the Indian Constitution?
    A. Preamble
    B. Fundamental Rights
    C. Directive principles of State Policy
    D. Fundamental Duties​

    66. In an open economy, GDP is the sum of
    A. Consumption, gross investment, government spending and net exports
    B. Consumption, net investment, government spending and net export
    C. Consumption, gross investment, government spending and gross exports
    D. Wages, rent, interest, profit and depreciation​

    67. The Indian Government gets _________ percent of India's total energy needs are met through imports.
    A. 30 percent
    B.40 percent
    C.20 percent
    D. 35 percent​
    Note: Answer can be either A or B. 11th Five Year Plan report of Ministry of Petroleum says it as 30%. NITI Aayog Report (2015) says it as 38%

    68. Mr. Ladejinsky, an American expert on land reforms, after detailed study, observed that one of the following districts worst in land tenure system in Tamil Nadu
    A. Namakkal
    B. Erode
    C. Thanjavore

    69. The GATT was biased in favour of the developed countries and was called informally
    A. Rich men's club
    B. League of nation
    C. WTO
    D. Axis nation​

    70. The administrative vigilance division was created in 1955 by the
    A.Ministry of trade
    B. Ministry of home affairs
    C. Ministry of external affairs
    D. Ministry of defence​

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